Saugerties’ public access cable channel is a vehicle for community communication, education, artistic expression and other non commercial uses of video on an open, uncensored and equitable basis. 


Lighthouse TV23 is a joint Town and Village of Saugerties undertaking.  It is funded by both the Town and Village boards, and those boards are advised by a committee made up of 4 Town committee members and 4 Village committee members.  If you have any questions about the studio and our operations you can email us at:


program@saugertieslighthousetv.com or call by phone: 845-246-2800, ext. 341.



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Note: that if you have problems with your TV signal, you should be aware that Lighthouse TV23 hands off a crisp and clean TV video and audio signal to SPECTRUM cable.  They in turn pass that signal through their equipment and into your homes.  Please call your SPECTRUM CABLE support number to report any signal quality problems. Thank you.


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Q: What can I see on Lighthouse TV23? 

A: Saugerties public access Channel (TV23) cablecasts the shows listed immediately above, each week, as well as ad-hoc scheduled programs that are submitted by area residents in the Saugerties Spectrum cable viewing area. When programming is not available, the Community Calendar is shown. The Community Calendar includes event announcements (both one-time events and regularly scheduled events) and announcements about organizations. We also show public-service announcements as well as photos submitted by viewers and stations promos. 

Q: How do I find out what is coming up on Lighthouse TV23? 

A: The schedule is regularly updated on this Web page.  We also include the schedule for the next 2 days of upcoming programs as part of the bulletin board listings. 

Q: How do I submit a bulletin board item on Lighthouse TV23, to publicize an upcoming event our organization is having? 

A: Announcements on the bulletin board are designed to publicize events, organizations or meetings of interest to the TV23 viewing audience.  Any not-for-profit charitable organization or agency, government or quasi government agency, service organization, church or not-for-profit group or membership organization within our viewing area is invited to submit information on specific events under their sponsorship.  Publicity chairpersons or other authorized representative who wish to have a specific event or activity listed may email them to 
lighthousetv@saugertiesny.gov Alternatively, their listings may be submitted in writing and mailed, faxed (246-0127) or delivered to the Saugerties Town Hall, attention: TV23, 4 High Street, Saugerties.   
Bulletin board items typically begin to be shown no earlier than a month before an event that they are publicizing.  Exceptions to that must be approved by the TV23 Program Coordinator. 

 Q: I've seen photographs of the area on TV23. I have some that I would like to share. How can I get them on? 

A: Simply email a high-quality .jpg file to 
lighthousetv@saugertiesny.gov. We add photos to the bulletin board as we can. If you send a large number of photos, we'll use our discretion and pick the one or two that we think most of the audience would most enjoy seeing. We will also not air photos intended to make a political, social or other statement.  Photos that are landscape (wide than they are taller, like a typical TV screen) show larger and therefore more clearly than portrait (taller than they are wider) photos, all other photo quality matters being equal. 

Q: Can I have a show on Lighthouse TV23? 

A: For sure. You can produce these on your own and submit them, or you can take some classes and become certified to use the equipment and services of the Lighthouse TV23 studio.  For more information on producing a show and/or having it scheduled, call 845-246-2800, extension 341, or email your questions to 

In the meantime, if you already have a  jump drive of a program that you have produced or that you want shown on Lighthouse TV23, and assuming the material to be cablecast is within the guidelines stipulated in our Program Agreement Form (see downloadable "Documents" below), you can submit that material for viewing. 

Q: OK. I have a  jump drive that I want to submit. How do I do that? 

A: Anyone who submits a show must have read the Lighthouse TV23 Policy Document and Program Agreement Form. To submit your first program, you must sign the Program Agreement form (saying you will follow TV23's rules) and submit it, along with a Channel Time Request Form and the program media at Town Hall. (Or mail it to Town Hall, 4 High Street.) .
Your Program Agreement Form will be kept on file at Town Hall. Any subsequent submissions require only the Channel Time Request Form and the submitted media. 

Q: Can I attend a TV23 committee meeting? 

A: Absolutely.  The committee welcomes the public to attend committee meetings, offer comments during the public comment session that opens each meeting, and hear about the myriad activities that go on behind the scenes to contribute to TV23's success.  The meeting's are typically held on the 2nd Thursday of the alternating month, in the Town Hall conference room.  Check the Village Web site calendar, to be sure the date hasn't changed for a particular month's meeting that you might be interested in.

Q: Is there a website for Lighthouse TV23


A:  Yes:  http://www.saugertieslighthousetv.com/ You can log on and get information about our channel and jump to any of our digital services.

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